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Yetvart Artinyan

Keynote Speaker. Why me?

«Yetvart is specialized in developing and implementing viable business models for tech innovations. With a proven track record of launching successful projects, he combines market insights with technological advancements, driving innovation and creating customer-centered value by integrating business model innovation methods with technology. As a lifelong learner and practitioner, he continually expands his knowledge and shares it through his blog  INNOVATION& and Workshops




I give talks and keynotes on the key topics of innovation and transformation in today's business world.


In an era of constant change and digital transformation, innovation is the key to success. The talks and keynotes provide deep insights and proven strategies in areas such as business creation (start-up), business development, transformation, agile business model innovation, entrepreneurship and team management.

I know the typical pitfalls companies face from my own experience and academia, whether it's innovation resistance in organizations or the challenges of implementing innovation in the real world, for example. My aim is not only to share knowledge, but also to pass on impulses and experiences from the real world to provide you with concrete guidance for action.

The lectures are not only informative, but also inspiring with a touch of humor.


Request a lecture or keynote for your organization now.

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