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Digital Transformation and Innovation without Theater



As an innovation service provider, I bring fresh ideas and perspectives, complementing your limited resources in innovation or business model transformation on a temporary or permanent basis. I help you achieve targeted and faster validated results, leveraging the latest methods and my own experiences as an entrepreneur, so you can make the most out of your innovation or transformation budgets.




  • Let yourself be inspired by engaging talks and presentations on topics such as innovation strategy, future trends, and corporate culture.

  • I share practical insights and knowledge from the world of innovation.

  • Join interactive discussions and workshops to motivate your team and gain fresh perspectives.

Innovation setup

  • I assist you in developing a clear innovation vision and strategy for your company.

  • Together, we establish an innovation culture and create an environment that fosters creativity and innovation.

  • I support you in implementing innovation processes and methods to enable continuous improvements.


  • I support you with tailored consulting for the development and implementation of your innovation strategies.

  • Together, we analyze your current situation and identify potentials for innovations.

  • We collaboratively develop concrete recommendations and implementation plans for your company.

Innovation as a Service

  • I offer tailored innovation solutions for your specific temporary needs.

  • Receive comprehensive support in the development, validation, and scaling of new products and services.

  • Benefit from flexible services that adapt to your company and help you gain competitive advantages.


  • Participate in hands-on training sessions and seminars on various innovation methods and techniques.

  • I'll provide you with knowledge and skills to successfully conduct innovation projects.

  • Receive individually tailored training programs for your team to strengthen your innovation culture.

Ueber mich

Meet me

Yetvart Artinyan Innovation as a Service
Linkedin Profile Yetvart Artinyan

I believe that in innovation projects, too much time and money is often wasted on ideas or solutions that ultimately prove to be unusable. In a world driven by increasingly complex technologies and constantly changing customer demands, it is extremely difficult to predict what will actually work and what will not. The solution to this is agile methods for business model development, entrepreneurship, and validation experiments with a specific goal.

To pass on agile methods and tools, the digital entrepreneur or intrapreneur mindset, and innovation knowledge, I consult and coach leaders and experts, lecture the know-how in boot-camps, give keynotes, and operate a blog on the topic of innovation and trends. If desired, I can take over projects permanently or on a temporary basis.


Entrepreneurship, Intrapreneurship, Business model innovation

Innovation Strategy, Innovation Management, Trend Management, Lean Startup and Design Thinking Expert, Scrum Master, Agile Product Development, Innovation Funding, Co- & Open-Innovation 

Corporate Venture, Company Building, Ecosystem Building, Co-Development with Research



Swisscom, Sunrise, ALPIQ, GridSense, Kreutz & Partner, Stadtwerke Kassel, Live Track, INNOGYM 


Do you have an innovation challenge right now and are seeking support, want to educate your organization with customized bootcamps, or are looking for an inspiring keynote on the topic of innovation?


Tel.: +41  (0) 79 177 37 73

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