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"Not in our company" - 10 challenges for innovation in companies

Wichtigkeit des Innovationsmanagement

Image: Which innovation (anti-)type is your company?

In today's dynamic business world, implementing innovations in companies is crucial to stay competitive and ensure long-term success. Despite the undeniable benefits that methodical and continuous innovations can offer, the entire company often faces a series of complex challenges when it comes to implementing innovation. The dynamics of "Not in..." thinking play a central role in overcoming these obstacles.

Here are ten typical challenges in implementing innovation in the company:

1. Not in our routine (NIOR): Introducing innovative approaches could face resistance, especially if they disrupt established processes and routines in the company, particularly in the area of classic incremental innovation.

2. Not in our skill set (NIOSS): A lack of innovation skills or knowledge could lead the company to either delay innovative projects or limit itself to short-term effective innovations (incremental product and process innovation).

3. Not in our operational framework (NIOOF): Concerns about the impact of innovations on specific business processes, organizations, and power relationships could lead the company to reject changes, especially when it comes to "preserving" existing operating procedures.

4. Not in our comfort zone (NIOCZ): Resistance may arise if innovative ideas are perceived as a threat to the established corporate comfort zone ("We've never done it that way").

5. Not in our portfolio (NIOP): A lack of responsible individuals and clear responsibilities (innovators, intrapreneurs, corporate startup C-level) for innovation processes could lead the company to hesitate in starting innovative initiatives.

6. Not in our communication strategy (NIOCS): Rigidity, inadequacy, or opacity in communication about the reasons and goals of innovations could make it difficult for the company to convey the changes to existing people and attract new ones.

7. Not in our reward system (NIORS): Lack of adequate recognition or reward for innovative performance (salary, bonus, equity, etc.) could affect internal motivation and willingness to take risks in implementing changes in the company.

8. Not in our past experience (NIOPE): Negative experiences with previous innovations could make the company skeptical of new proposals, resistant to change, or engaged only in innovation theater (public and investor relations).

9. Not in our resource allocation (NIORA): A lack of financial or time resources could result in the company not sustainably implementing and executing the feasibility of innovative ideas.

10. Not in our cultural DNA (NIOCD): If the company's culture does not support changes or even hinders innovation efforts, this could lead to a general attitude of rejection towards new ideas.

Yetvart Artinyan

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