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Innovation&: 10 reasons why startups are more successful in innovation:

Great companies start, because the founders want to change the world, not to make a fast buck. Guy Kawasaki

1. Survival mode: Startups must focus on relevant, specific problems and solutions instead of a broad spectrum of innovation topics.

2. Flexibility: Startups can react faster to changes and adapt their strategies accordingly.

3. Flat hierarchies: Startups have flatter hierarchies than established companies, facilitating rapid implementation of new ideas.

4. Willingness to take risks: Startups are more willing to try out new ideas and take risks.

5. Cost efficiency: Startups have fewer resources available but still need to be innovative.

6. Adoption of wew technologies: Start-ups can adopt and utilize new technologies more quickly.

7. Creativity: Startups are more flexible in finding solutions and can implement new ideas more easily.

8. Customer orientation: Startups are better able to understand and satisfy customer needs.

9. Quick decision-making: Start-ups can make decisions faster and adjust their strategies more quickly.

10. Easy communication: Due to their small size, start-ups can communicate better, leading to faster implementation of innovative ideas.

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